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"We had a resume class attendee today who said that she did the career coach and LOVED it. Definitely singing its praises, so kudos. Everyone who attended was given info on the coaches and were all interested. I will definitely be looking at times in the fall for the Coach to come to West Nashville. Thank you for providing this amazing Service!"  - Kelli B., St. Luke's Community House




General Information About the Buses:


The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development is proud to roll out our Career Coaches…mobile centers with services similar to what you might find in a Tennessee Career Center.  These vehicles will arrive on the scene to provide a mobile computer lab with Internet access;  create a venue for workshops including resume assistance and interviewing skills;  and serve as a recruitment center for companies moving into our state. If the Career Coach is in your neighborhood, great things are happening on the job front, so get on board!


Vehicle stats:


Length:  35 feet

ADA Compliant:  yes

Internet:  yes, high speed access

Computers: 10 workstations

Fax and Copier: yes

Monitor with SMART board:  yes

Personnel: 3 – 5 depending on event

Booking:  see this website or call (615) 741-0634 to book the bus in your area!


Job Seeker Services


The Career Coach has computers, copy and fax machines available to job seekers. The computers aboard the Career Coach have Internet access and are equipped with Microsoft Office software.  Instructors will use a large monitor and SMART board for basic instruction on computer hardware and software use, which are key components to applying for and retaining jobs today.  The computers have access to jobs available throughout the state.  These jobs are categorized by industry and are available for viewing on our internet site at  Job seekers can look at the jobs on the coach, at the Tennessee Career Center, or at home.


Career Coach staff will conduct valuable workshops such as résumé writing, job search strategies, and interviewing skills.  These tools are extremely valuable to market yourself to a potential employer.


Information on other services such as Cover TN and Adult Ed/GED is also available.


U.S. Department of Labor News


Connect with DOL at!

U.S. Department of Labor news materials are accessible at  The information above is available in large print, Braille, audio tape or disc from the COAST office upon request by calling 202-693-7828 or TTY 202-693-7755.  

SOURCE U.S. Department of Labor


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Employer Services


The Career Coach may be in your area to provide  FREE screening and interviewing for Tennessee employers.  Many HR departments use us to screen potential applicants so they can concentrate on interviewing the top prospects.  For instance, HR staff can run pre-employment tests such as the MMPI personality assessment on the Career Coach. Assistance with Labor Market Information, Recruitment Fairs and other special events is also available.  For new employers moving to Tennessee who haven’t completed their facilities, the Career Coach is a perfect place to interview potential hires onsite at no cost.  Also, for already established businesses looking to expand, the Career Coach offers a classroom for up to 10 employees to train while you build on to existing infrastructure, again all of this can be brought to your site at no cost.


If you are an employer who has suffered a permanent business closure or mass layoff, the Career Coach offers the Tennessee Rapid Response Team to assist you.  They help during layoffs by providing information about retraining, job opportunities, unemployment insurance and other local, state and federal services.  The Career Coach will aid the Rapid Response Team by offering all of the Job Seeking and Counseling opportunities onsite rather than asking the employee to visit a Career Center at a later date.